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External Networks

- Implantation of nets of telecommunication in the RJ (Rio de Janeiro) and SP’s (São Paulo) subway. The SIELTE ENGINEERING is registered and accredited for the execution of any service of telecommunication in the subway of RJ and SP;

- Project of line of ducts and/or duct’s gallery,underground boxes and land infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the municipal city halls;

- Project of installation of Mettalic and optic, aerial and underground handlers.Calculation efforts of poles, making the plan amendments, line diagram and straight;

- Construction of line pipes by the destructive method "open" and the nondestructive method of paving (MND), underground boxes, infrastructure in general;

- Implementation of optic splicing and / or metal;

- Installation of optic and/or mettalic terminations in BEO (be operating systems) DIOS, DGOS and DGS;

- Supply of hand of specialized workmanship;

- Supervision and management of enterprises;

- Implementation of infrastructure, internal and external networks for optical telecomunications and metal air and underground, destructives and non – destructive methods, releases of cables,optical and metal by the blast method and the traditional method, implementation of amendments and instalation of micro - optical cables;

- Supervision:allocation of specialized workmanship,monitoring the services of the physical na financial Schedule, monitoring of quality and verification of the specifications ad measurement of services and supplies;

- Projects in access networks and backbone, optical and metallic cables and equipment PDH (plesiochronous digital hierarchy),SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) and WLL (wireless local loop);

- Management of implatantions of nets and telecommunications;

- Management of logistic, managements of projects in regimen turn-key;

- Management of mainteinance:diagnosis to detect the level of mainteinance,intervention planning,execution of services;

- Performance;in the scope of the Brazilian municipal city halls,the processes for execution and legalization of networks;

- Accompaniments and ellaboration of reports;

- Construction of sites;


Others services under consultation.


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