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Computer Science / Networks

Computer Network


Logical plants in constructions or comercial rooms for wired networks systems.


We study the type of technology to be implemented,carry trough installations and maintenance of metal wiring and optical-fiber and wireless (without wire), certifications about the wiring, connectivity, equipment configurations,(switch,router,etc) and implementation of Voip.

Operational System

We maintain the maintenence family operating systems Windows and Linux, as configuration of user’s access,blockade of sites,directive of passwords,politics of security of the information through the right softwares,daily service of maintenance, amongst others.

Support to the user:

We count on a trained team to solve problems through priority and free softwares,installation and maintenance of work stations in corporative and residential enviroments;

We provide maintenance of laser printers dot matrix and inkjet printers of all marks and models.



Others services under consultation.


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