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Areas of Performance
Cell Phones

- Installation and testing equipment;

- Relocation of equipment;

- Installation of offices (in-door, out –door) internal wiring alarms sites (ERB-BTS-RBS);

- Installation of sectorized antennas,confection of jumper’s,cabling and connections (confection of connectors) kit’s of grounding for the radiating system;

- Installations of the rádios, jumper’s execution,wiring,connections and installations of antennas MW;

- Feeding of the (interconnection of the QDL to the rack reticifier) internal feeding of the emboidery frames ,the internal installation of grounding and installation of a battery bank;

- Operation and maintenance of switching cellular mobile system (analogical and digital);

- Construction and expansion of sites, foundations, energy, all civil works, mats, towers;

- Commissioning;

- Clean-up;

- Site investigation;

- Preventive and corrective maintenance;

- Maintenance of infrastructure.


Others services under consultation.


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